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hi... welcome to my name is called shi hui ...currently study @ west view primary sch, so tat makes mie a student. love me and i will love you back . if you treat me nice i will also treat you the same way here
i m 12 this yrs n my egg crack on 17/7/1996 in my mummy stomach ... haha:)


to be happy everyday
a new wallet
a new school school bag
to score well in my PSLE
get into sec sch that i wished to get in
new pencil case
a computer on my own
no friendship problems anymore



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xixiu's jiejie

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Friday, June 27, 2008

today i have no partner in school cause i wait for kellin at the school gate then hui qi they all go to the court yard . then when i go to the court hui qi was partner with nadia then qiao na partner with ming xuang . WHAT ABOUT ME ??? i pantner with siti i have no choice but to pantner her ... they did not talk to me when go out to our stair also like that then finally they talk to me . when go home also like that lor sob sob ... then i jiu go and find jia yi and we go and buy icepop hehe ... we buy finish le when we come down and we saw xin yun and hui qi then hui qi like avoid looking at me . i ask her question she only nod her head

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Monday, June 16, 2008

what the hell lor ... qiao na tell ming xuang that i have write at my blog about separate then ming xuang go to my blog without reading the thing lor ... then ming xuang write sth at my tag board lor . then ming xuang said that is hui qi want to be with her lor , then i did not write lor . qiao na said that she got say then me, hui qi and my sister did not see lor.. that qiao na said she got see lor . then i sms qiao na and scold her lor , then she did not reply me

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

yipee!!!i have my new blog that have a tagboard .... xixiu and her sister help me do de i am so so happy hahaha . i have my new blog and ppl can tag me le ... now i have hui qi sister , xixiu sister and my sister !!!!!! wish that more ppl can tag me

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Friday, June 6, 2008

yipee!!!!!!6 more days we are going chalet . my uncle told me that they have bring oyster althought i don not dare to eat but i will try eating the oyster . they also prepare beef lamb and many many more . i was so happy that we are going chalet hehe ... i wish that the time will go faster and when we were at the chalet i hope that the time will go slower .... but when we go to the chalet i feel that the time will go faster ... i really hope that i have fun at the chalet

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

now i have no best friend anymore ... my friend hui qi have other best friend . the best friend is ming xuang and xixiu . but i don mind lor ... cause is her friend also not my friend . i am so lonely at school . hui qi keep talking to ming xuang and never talk to me so sad :( hui qi keep talking something that i cannot know de sob sob ....

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Monday, June 2, 2008

today, i 7.15 then go to school , hui qi , ming xuang and qiao na wait for me at the school gate . then i only saw qiao na waiting for me and hui qi and ming xuang was walking to the school and not waiting for me . then ming xuang and hui qi was talking . when ming xuang and hui qi saw me they said hi to me . at the hall they were saying something then hui qi call me then i was so happy that i thought she want to talk to me some thing . i was wrong , she ask me to talk to qiao na and she want to tell ming xuang something . they talk very long then hui qi ask me to write at ming xuang note book . the note book need to write about me . the note book there got write best friend . when i write at the note book i went to look at the best friend page . i saw that hui qi best friend is ming xuang and xixiu . ming xuang lent me a blue pen to write at the note book . then madm poh come and we go to 6f class room . then i use ming xuang pen to write at my book , then ming xuang saw me use the pen . ming xuang call me then i did not hear so then haziqah call me then when i turn behind i saw ming xuang angry . then she call marliana to ask me to give back the pen . then we went home . after that i called hui qi , hui qi said that the pen was her friend one . then i ask hui qi that ming xuang got friend me anot then she said that ask me don always ask the same question .then later nobody will friend me . i feel very sad . then i jiu never called her le ...

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

on wednesday , hui qi , jia yi , qiao na , ming xuang , kellin and xue min they all wait for me at the school gate . we go to the buy the drinks machine they and sit on the chair , i go and play with jia yi . then ming xuang take out the chewing gum when i go and play with hui qi , when i saw ming xuang take out the chewing gum and faster put in the bag . then qiao na said later we go to the toilet and give . i very angry that i ask jia yi to tell hui qi they all to give the chewing gum and i have already noe that . then ming xuang angry . then we be friend again . hehe...

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